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OOTG white wallpaper.jpg

Social Media Work

The following is an collection of short form videos or images made for clients who want to grow on social media. From Instagram Reels, Instagram Posts, TikTok videos, YouTube videos & Shorts & more.

Short Form Videos (Reel/Tiktok)

These are just examples of the filming, editing, adding FX or Animating graphics made for @berelsolomon @christopherdedeyan @vickyplamenova

GRAPHICS for Social Media

These are just examples of the graphics / photoshop work I've done for @berelsolomon on social media. The main graphics done have been on Youtube as seen below.

YouTube Thumbnails

These are just examples of the Thumbnails made for creators like Trainer Tips, True Geordie, Mystic7, Peridot, MyGuySteven & more. Many of these creator's thumbnails in the past year or two have been provided by Steven Fares, Founder of OOTG.
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