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One of the Guys Entertainment specializes in marketing and content creation.
We thrive in helping businesses create unique content for social media to build their brand identity and enhance their marketability to optimize and capitalize on growing their businesses.



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Who We
Work With

We love to dabble in any and all businesses, no matter the field, we have always found ways to make high quality and interactive content for every project we approach. 

By dedicating time to produce quality videos, photos, graphics and more for BEREL SOLOMON and others, we've increasing his following to over 200,000 followers on each of his social media platforms.
This has allowed Berel to capitalize on new clients thanks to his now established audience and generate his business more income than ever before.
OOTG is currently providing this service to Christopher Dedeyan, Vincent (Vintendo on YouTube),
Zoe (ZoeTwoDots) and Nicholas (Trainer Tips).
Creating engaging videos, photos and graphics for food and drinks to draw in more business to new and established restaurants.
On the right, you'll find videos created for B12 BURGER.
A restaurant that needed help bringing in new customers. After a couple of weeks creating viral content, B12 has seen its highest months of income since its creation in 2018.

Other Restaurants onboard:

Bacaro, Maison Saint-Paul, Carlos & Pepe, Poutine Boss and others.

With over 5 years of creating content for office spaces whether it's Hospitals, Doctor/Dentist Offices, Agencies, Fashion or Photography studios, etc. We've got you covered.
We've provided this services all over North America but have focused our attention to Montreal and we recognize capturing your business' space is very important. That's why we're here to help! 
Contact us today for the best office space content in Montreal. 

This was a video made for REGUS in Toronto, Ontario, filmed by Steven Fares, Founder of OOTG.

Having worked with numerous agencies and productions over the years creating beautiful videos for homes around Montreal, we are ready to branch out and do it ourselves. 
Contact us today for excellent videography and video editing services for your next location. Making any property feel luxurious, perfect to present to potential buyers. 

Berel Solomon,

WEALTHY Commercials

“Steven has never let me down.
He always manages to understand exactly what I'm looking for and brings a level of creativity and problem solving that I've never seen in any other content creator"

Vincent (Vintendo),


"After 6 months of working together, we finally hit a wall with a video that I thought was going to ruin our progress.
Steven and OOTG stayed on the case for three days in order to figure it out. I swear, I thought we were done for but surely enough, they got the job done. That video went on to get me my first million+ viewed video on YouTube"

Fabricio, VFX Supervisor,

DNEG Montreal

“On our first movie together, Last Night in Soho, I could tell I liked Steven. I brought him with me when VENOM 2 came around and I'd have him for all my projects if I could”

Social Media Management

We current offer the service of managing your business' social media. 

This includes creating daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly content, researching best methods to grow your platform whether that be one or all of the following: YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, or Facebook. 

Involving weekly calls to check in on the progress, monthly analytics and growth projections. 

We've had some incredible success with our clients and we pride ourselves on keeping our clients with us as long as we can. Some of which have been onboard for over 3 years and some who's journey's have just begin. 

The following are some of our top clients who have seen incredible growth while working with OOTG.

OOTG has also worked on many other genres of content, some of which can be found throughout this website.

If there is something specific that you are looking for that, we'd love to hop on a call and discuss how we can make it work. OOTG is all about creating original content. With the experience we already have, nothing is impossible.

Montreal, QC


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