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One of the Guys

One of the guys is meant to describe someone who's part of the group. A group of friends, family, etc. Growing up in a diverse city, Steven (Founder of OOTG) always felt like he was on the outside. Being told that he or anyone was "one of the guys" was & is special term of acceptance between people. It defines what this  company is about, to make content for people no matter who they are and what their stories are, we make it come to life and treat them like more than just clients... they are one of the guys.

Steven Fares

Born & raised in Montreal, Steven grew up worshiping movies such as superhero films & Star Wars. Films that had no creative limit. A medium where telling a story, even in the strangest way possible was a reality. After practicing his craft in Miami earning a BFA, he continued developing those skills in California and back home inn Montreal, Steven has years of experience creating & leading teams to  make great works of art.


Producer, Director & Editor


Instagram: @myguysteven

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